Licensing Courses and Exams at UF

We are offering two different one day technician license courses and test sessions this fall.  One is on Saturday September 23, 2017 and a second one on October 21st.  Details about the Oct. 21st course will be published after the first course. The course will cover material for the technician license, and is suggested, but not required.  Just stay after the course and take the exam to get your technician class license from the FCC. The exam will be given in the afternoon at 3pm. For those who are ready through self-study for the technician, general or extra license exam, you my register to take the exam(s) of your choice.

                      Online Sign-Up Form for 9-23-17

For additional information e-mail Andrew Ortega  -

Our licensing course will start promptly at 8:30am.  Please arrive by 8:15am to sign-in.  We will take a break for lunch at noon (lunch is provided). 

The license exam follows the course at 3pm costs $15 (cash only).

1) A photo ID is required: driver license, UFID, passport are all O.K.

2) Calculators are O.K., but not a cell phone or internet connected device with a calculator app.

3) The test session should run 3-5pm, and everyone will know whether they passed before they leave

Parking is across from the student union off of Museum road, in a parking lot at the corner of Museum and Center Drive. Park closet to the buildings which puts you in front of Benton Hall.  Larsen Hall is the next building, behind Benton.  Room number is Larsen 234. 

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